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Governance: General Meeting and AGMs

This page carries the resources and updates for the IHBC’s General Meeting and AGMs (Annual General Meetings), including as relevant the background to the development of the ‘Articles of Association’ adopted in December 2020.

IHBC Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2024 Online
30 April 2024
Online from 5:30pm for 6:00pm AGM
AGM CHAIR: David McDonald, IHBC Chair

Download David McDonald’s ‘Written statement on engaging with the IHBC’s governance’

The IHBC will hold its next Annual General Meeting online at 6.00pm on Tuesday 30 April. It is open to IHBC members in ANY membership category and is free.

It will be preceded by a talk at 5.30pm, details to be confirmed.

Business for the AGM will include:

  • The consideration of the accounts, balance sheets, reports of the Board (including the annual report) and auditors;
  • The retirement, appointment or re-appointment of Directors, our Trustees;
  • The appointment of the auditors;
  • Elections to the Board, as discussed below and;
  • Resolutions.



Following the business of the meeting there will be an opportunity to raise, discuss and explore current issues of interest to members with officers and members.

As the AGM is a critical moment in our cycle of governance, all categories of member are strongly encouraged to attend.

Among ordinary business matters at the AGM, our accredited members – that is Associates, Full Members and Retired – will vote on the election of our new Board of Trustees.

Nominations are welcome especially when addressing identified gaps – early and mid-career; diversity; fundraising or marketing experience - with recommended procedures and guidance outlined on our NewsBlog HERE.

Remember too that formal roles and posts are open to accredited members only, and subject to the timely receipt of nominations by the closing date of 19 March 2024. Accredited members may submit their nomination HERE

Detailed arrangements for the 2024 AGM will be notified in a forthcoming Agenda, and will include the 'Trustees report’ for 2021-22 - as the next report due for approval – while also updating on current operations.

Remember too that while all IHBC members of all categories are encouraged to attend the AGM – with IHBC CPD certificates available on request, reflecting the status of the business – only Full, Associates and Retired members may vote.

Voting by proxy will be available to qualifying members who cannot attend, or who want to vote in advance. More information will be published in due course.


  • The IHBC’s Annual General Meeting is open exclusively to IHBC members
  • IHBC members of ALL categories are encouraged to attend.
  • Voting at the Annual General Meeting is open ONLY to Full, Associate and Retired IHBC members. Affiliates and Supporters do not have votes, but are encouraged to attend the entire programme
  • Attendance at the IHBC’s formal meetings, such as General Meetings, AGMs and Council, is recognised as IHBC CPD.

Attendance at the AGM is free, but if you would like to make a donation to support the IHBC's core charitable operations through our CREATIVE Conservation Fund, you may do so HERE.

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