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Chair - Jo Saady SEBranch-chair@ihbc.org.uk
Vice Chair - Joao Lopes (Acting)
Branch Representative on Council - Sarah Mayfield, Helen Parvin, Eimear Murphy
Treasurer - Lone le Vay SEBranch-treasurer@ihbc.org.uk
Secretary - Heather Hall SEBranch-Secretary@ihbc.org.uk
Membership Officer - Stephen Gray (Acting) SEBranch-membership@ihbc.org.uk
Events / Social Media Secretary - Chris Reynolds and Sarah Mayfield 
Surrey Rep - Chris Reynolds
Sussex Rep - Tanya Szendeffy
Kent Rep - Debbie Maltby
Officers without Portfolio - Maggie Henderson, Sarah
Sullivan, Duncan Phillips, Lisa Brooks, Richard Morrice, Michael Foley, Simon Richard
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South East IHBC Branch Christmas Bash

The George, Tunbridge Wells on the 19th January at 6pm:
29 Mt Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, Kent,

IHBC South East AGM

26th April 9.30 - 4pm, at Canterbury Christ Church University, Augustine House & Hall, Rhodaus Town, Canterbury CT1 2YA.

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Heritage Partnership Agreements - The Rochester Pilot Study

The South East branch organised a conference about the new Heritage Partnership Agreements on 17th October 2007. Rochester cathedral is a pilot study for these new partnerships and the opportunity was taken to explore what is involved and how they will work. Peter Kendall’s Powerpoint presentation to the conference is accessible by clicking here? (opens in new window)
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The proposed Heritage Protection Reforms include a new type of “Heritage Partnership Agreement” between owners, managers, Councils and English Heritage that will cut time-consuming consent administration and encourage strategic management of large sites.Owners of sites such as large estates, which have many similar assets under single management, will be able to avoid the need for multiple consent applications.
English Heritage will help negotiate single consent agreements for sites that stretch across many local authority boundaries, such as stations on underground lines.

Consent can be provided in advance for a large number of agreed works on complex sites such as university campuses and housing estates. Owners of archaeological sites under cultivation would be able to take part in a management agreement allowing them to be able to work protected land.
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There has been an increasing appreciation in the heritage sector of the potential of management agreements that set out guidelines for the management of a historic site or monument over a given period. The forerunner of these is the agreement brokered in 1993 by Ipswich Borough Council, in conjunction with English Heritage, for the Willis Corroon building in Ipswich. There have been others since, notably a recent agreement for the Barbican in London. For the archaeological environment, management agreements are well established.

The government was not breaking entirely new ground, therefore, when it set out in The Way Forward the view that in future ‘statutory management agreements could be employed wherever that approach would work better than the system of individual specific consents’. To test the proposals set out in The Way Forward the government asked English Heritage to undertake a number of pilot studies. The pilot studies include both Rochester Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral. These began in 2003 and where appropriate have explored the potential of statutory management agreements – currently named Heritage Partnership Agreements (HPAs).

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